Saturday, August 18, 2012

Currency Exchange in HK


Berlin Compamy Excharge 不設預訂,另加一服務費...


哦,原來係唔抵得Berlin Exchange個價好過佢.

Berlin Company Exchange Limited

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Brainwash 洗腦








Here is my translation:

Interviewer: "The detention period has exceeded what is permitted by law."

Student: "I guess the Chinese government has its own consideration."

Interviewer: "This is illegal."

Student: "Excuse me?"

Interviewer: "This is illegal."

Student: "I have no idea."

Isn't that familiar?


是一個什麼樣的計劃,要兒童在戰爭中受苦被殺呢?What is God's plan for the children living in war?



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Typhoon VICENTE 颱風韋森特



Monday, July 23, 2012

Keanu Reeves

Someone posted the following on facebook and I try to search the original version.


他的爸爸在他12歲的時候因為毒品交易被逮補,他的媽媽是舞孃,後來全家搬到加拿大並有過幾任繼父。在1999年,李維的女友珍妮佛·賽姆(Jennifer Syme)生下死胎,而在2001,正當他們兩人要幸福地準備要結婚的時候,基努李維親眼看到他心愛的女友賽姆在車禍中喪生,從此以後他一直逃避穩定的感情與生育問題!

他其中一位摯友River Phoenix (Joaquin Phoenix的兄弟)因為用藥過量死亡。幾乎在同年基努李維的生父又被逮捕。從小與基努·李維相依為命的妹妹Kim,不幸罹患了白血病。媒體常常拍到他陪伴著妹妹。1994年《捍衛戰警》走紅前夕,他都還睡在朋友家的地板上,成名開始賺錢以後,他捐出了大量的金錢幫助幫助治療白血病症的醫院。





This guy reading the newspaper on the subway is Keanu Reeves. He is from a problematic family. His father was arrested when he was 12 for drug dealing and his mother was a stripper.

His family moved to Canada and there he had several step dads. He watched his girlfriend die. They were about to get married, and she died in a car accident. And also before that she had lost her baby.

Since then Keanu avoids serious relationships and having kids. He’s one of the only Hollywood stars without a Mansion. He said: “l live in a flat, I have everything that I need at anytime, why choose an empty house?” One of his best friends died by overdose, he was River Phoenix (Joaquin Phoenix’s brother). Almost in the same year Keanu’s father was arrested again. His younger sister had leukemia. Today she is cured, and he donated 10% of his gains from the movie Matrix to Hospitals that treat leukemia.

In one of his birthdays, he got to a little candy shop and bought him a cake, and started eating alone. If a fan walked by he would talk to them and offer some of the cake. He doesn’t have bodyguards, and he doesn’t wear fancy clothes. When they asked him about “Sad Keanu”, he replied: “You need to be happy to live, I don’t.

Happy Cheer Up Keanu Day.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Justice for Lal Bibi

It's a dream to think the US will uphold justice. The US politicians always do things to protect their own interest only: money, influence and control on other regions, etc.

A teenager named Lal Bibi was kidnapped, raped, tortured and chained to a wall for five days by a gang of powerful Afghan police officers. But she stood up to do what women in Afghanistan are told not to -- she is fighting back, and together we can help her and all Afghan women win justice.

According to deep cultural mandates, as a raped woman, Lal Bibi has been "dishonoured" and will kill herself -- and she publicly says she must, unless her rapists are brought to justice to restore her honour and dignity. Afghanistan's justice system routinely fails to pursue these cases and so far the chief suspects in Lal Bibi's case have not been prosecuted, likely in the hopes that international attention will die down. Every day that passes without the prosecutions pushes Lal Bibi closer to suicide -- but there is hope.

This weekend, the US, UK, Japan and other major donors are expected to pledge 4 billion dollars to Afghanistan -- money that will pay for the very police forces responsible for Lal Bibi’s rape. But an international outcry can shame donor countries into action, conditioning their aid on real action to fight rape and protect women. We don't have much time left. Sign the petition on the right for change that could save Lal Bibi’s life and our petition will be delivered right into the donor conference in Tokyo.


What the Hell

What is Hell? What is the purpose of Hell? I'm lazy and I just search a few articles on the Internet

To many religions, Hell is a horrible place to punish people, and now I have a question:

What is the purpose of Hell?

Did I say that Hell is a horrible place to punish people? Yes, but

What is the purpose to punish?

In an ideal modern society, I guess:

(1) The wrongdoers are sent to prisons so that they cannot cause any more harm to other people outside the prisons.
(2) The wrongdoers are sent to prisons with their freedom limited as a punishment. In that way, any action has a consequence and justice is upheld.
(3) The wrongdoers are given time to rehabilitate, to correct his/her wrong behaviours before going back to the society.

In real life, some dictators, kings, government officials, etc. simply punish people to scare away opposite voices.

If we compare Hell with prison:

(1) When someone goes to Hell, he/she cannot cause any more harm to other people not in Hell.
(2) When someone goes to Hell, he/she cannot go to Heaven (or other places). This is the punishment.
(3) That somebody is dead; there is no way to live as the same person before his/her dead. If there is no "life" in Hell, there is no point for him/her to be a good person again. But if there is "life" in Hell, do we give them chances to become good people again, even still living in Hell?

My next question is: what is the purpose of the unquenchable hell fire mentioned in the Bible? Okay, I know that someone mentioned that Hell was designed for demons, not human, but still, what is the purpose of the unquenchable hell fire?

If the hell fire is really eternal, what is the point to burn the demons forever? Does it mean that someone will be very happy to torture the demons? If the hell fire is not everlasting, how long will it last? Did God use hell fire x minutes to kill one demon? Did God develop hell fire version 1 to torture the demons for x minutes? Could God develop hell fire version 2 to reduce the torture time by half? What is the implication for a dead person in hell to be burnt to dead again for x minutes? If you say God designed Hell for demons, not humans, but still God knew that there would be humans in Hell, right? Or you want to say that God is not all-knowing?

In an ideal modern society, if a person do bad things and once reported, the government shall start investigation ASAP and bring him/her to court for justice. But as mentioned in the Bible, the scheme designed by God only uphold justice when the judgment day come. When every one on Earth are dead, what is the point to punish by the hell fire?

Well, if God created angels and humans, does it mean that God failed twice? I still do not understand the whole picture and there are always be lots of questions.

Monday, July 2, 2012

What is in your mind?

What do you want? What do you expect to happen?

Our chief executive is not honest about his Unauthorized Building Works (UBW) in his house. You do not trust him because of his lies and you want him to step down because of his wrongdoings. If he really steps down, what do you think will happen? Who do you think will become the next chief executive of Hong Kong?

If this is a revolution, we have the power to decide how we select the next chief executive if we win, but we are not having a revolution.

Actually I'm curious to know if our previous chief executive has removed his UBW and how long does it take to remove them all. How about other government officials and celebrities?

I like Robin Cook's resignation speech very much (

Only a couple of weeks ago, Hans Blix told the Security Council that the key remaining disarmament tasks could be completed within months.

I have heard it said that Iraq has had not months but 12 years in which to complete disarmament, and that our patience is exhausted.

Yet it is more than 30 years since resolution 242 called on Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories.

We do not express the same impatience with the persistent refusal of Israel to comply.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

If you want to help to reduce FGM, you can sign the following petition. (Logically I know it is impossible to stop, so I just call it reduce)

I have heard of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) being practised in some African countries before, but not until I heard of the story of Waris Dirie (,, last month did I realize that  there is a FGM Type III and people who carry out this procedure are simply nuts to cut it and sew it up.

Female Genital Mutilation, also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as "all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons."

The WHO has offered four classifications of FGM. The main three are Type I, removal of the clitoral hood, almost invariably accompanied by removal of the clitoris itself (clitoridectomy); Type II, removal of the clitoris and inner labia; and Type III (infibulation), removal of all or part of the inner and outer labia, and usually the clitoris, and the fusion of the wound, leaving a small hole for the passage of urine and menstrual blood—the fused wound is opened for intercourse and childbirth. Around 85 percent of women who undergo FGM experience Types I and II, and 15 percent Type III, though Type III is the most common procedure in several countries, including Sudan, Somalia, and Djibouti. Several miscellaneous acts are categorized as Type IV. These range from a symbolic pricking or piercing of the clitoris or labia, to cauterization of the clitoris, cutting into the vagina to widen it (gishiri cutting), and introducing corrosive substances to tighten it.

Even though these uncivilized, unnecessary and horrible procedures are banned in some countries, stupid people continues to practise. (Human beings are always stupid, compared to God)

Why do people do such uncivilized, unnecessary and horrible things?

FGM is considered by its practitioners to be an essential part of raising a girl properly - girls are regarded as having been cleansed by the removal of "male" body parts. It ensures pre-marital virginity and inhibits extra-marital sex, because it reduces women's libido. Women fear the pain of re-opening the vagina, and are afraid of being discovered if it is opened illicitly

Where does FGM originated? I am no expert and I cannot find a definite answer from the Internet. People are saying that FGM does not come from religions, as only Male circumcision is mentioned.

Regarding Male circumcision (, if this is a sign of covenant to God, shouldn't it be decided by the person when he reached 18? If it is only the fathers who decide to perform the circumcision operations on their male babies, it only means that the covenants are between these fathers and God, not from these babies.

Why there is no covenant between women and God? Is this a sex discrimination? Did God forget something? Did God intentionally miss that part? Did human beings deliberately erase related paragraphs from the Bible?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem 伯利恆主誕堂

巴人突擊申遺成功 美以怒轟


聯合國世界遺產委員會以13票贊成、6票反對,決定把伯利恆主誕堂(Church of the Nativity)列為世遺。教科文組織巴勒斯坦代表桑巴爾(Elias Wadih Sanbar)表示,伯利恆古蹟「因以色列的佔領、修建西岸城牆而面臨被徹底破壞的威脅」。巴方亦指以軍的封鎖導致缺乏工具復修,要求將有關古蹟緊急列為世界遺產,毋須經過歷時18個月的申請程序。

幾經戰火 將獲資金復修



不過,教科文組織的決定引起美以反彈,美國駐聯合國教科文組織代表基利昂(David Killion)表示,美國對此「深感失望」,指決定與政治有關;以色列總理辦公室亦發表聲明,指「有證據顯示教科文組織的決定出於政治考慮,而非基於文化原因」;以色列外交部稱,「巴勒斯坦並不是對主誕堂有興趣,他們只是想利用申遺程序作為對付以色利的宣傳工具。」



現時成功把伯利恆主誕堂列入巴勒斯坦名下,對巴人立國進程具象徵性意義,被視為巴人繞過美以掣肘,爭取國際承認國家地位的「擦邊球勝利」。巴勒斯坦外長馬勒基(Riad Malki)稱,當局正計劃為西岸、加沙及東耶路撒冷多個古申遺,勢令以巴的政治爭拗升級。


29 June 2012 Last updated at 15:40 GMT

Bethlehem sites given Unesco World Heritage status

The UN's cultural agency, Unesco, has voted to add the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and its pilgrimage route to the list of World Heritage Sites.

The Palestinian delegation welcomed the approval of its bid to get protected status for the church, built on a site some believe was Jesus's birthplace.

Israel and the US opposed the move, saying it was politically motivated.

It was the first such approval since Palestine was controversially granted membership of Unesco last year.

Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity - originally constructed in 399 above a cave traditionally believed to be the birthplace of Jesus and rebuilt after fire in the 6th Century - is among the holiest sites in Christianity

The short section of the pilgrimage route from Jerusalem to Bethlehem - following the historical route believed to have been taken by Mary and Joseph - is used for the procession of the Patriarchs at Christmas.

An estimated two million people visit the two sites every year.

At a meeting in the Russian city of St Petersburg on Friday, Unesco delegates voted 13 to six in favour of giving both of them World Heritage Site status "on an emergency basis", entitling them to UN protection and funding for restoration work the Palestinians say is urgent.


When the result of the secret ballot was announced, there were loud cheers and fist pumping from the Palestinian delegation, reports the BBC's Jon Donnison in Ramallah.

"These sites are threatened with total destruction through the Israeli occupation, through the building of the separation wall, because of all the Israeli sanctions and the measures that have been taken to stifle the Palestinian identity," permanent delegate Elias Wadih Sanbar said.

Israel's permanent delegate, Nimrod Barkan, said his country supported awarding World Heritage Site status to the Church of the Nativity under a completely different, non-emergency procedure that carried no implications for the stalled Middle East peace process.

"The decision taken now was totally political and does great damage in our opinion to the [UN] convention and its image," he added.

Christian denominations were also opposed to the bid, fearing Unesco would start to meddle in the affairs of the Church of the Nativity.

Our correspondent says Palestinians will see this as a small but significant victory.

Last year, Unesco became the first UN body to officially accept Palestine as a member state, despite strong opposition from the US and Israel, which said it would further remove the possibility of a permanent peace deal.

That led to Washington suspending millions of dollars of funding for the agency, which accounted for a fifth of its budget.

Last year, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas failed in his bid to gain recognition of a Palestinian state at the main body of the United Nations, although officials say they may revive that bid this year.

In a way, Palestinians would not have succeed if Israel did treasure and protect the Church of the Nativity. So far, I only know that Israel built their state by terrorist attack (, ( Reading the news of Israel and Palestine, I guess, to Israel, peace only means "peace" to Israel, by suppressing Palestinians. It is ironic that the story of God comes from Jews but they do not believe Jesus was a god, and they are still doing evil things to the Palestinians.

Israel repressing Palestine 眾神爭奪的國度 —— 走過以色列、巴勒斯坦的戰爭與和平

代勁翔貼文, 原文刊登於香港經濟日報












1948 年,尤太人(註:本文跟隨《眾神爭奪的國度》使用「尤太人」的譯法,認為「猶太」含有歧視的意味。) 湧入那一塊土地建國,名為以色列。原本住在那裏的巴勒斯坦人失去土地、國家,直至現在。



那麼,先拋開那種帝皇視角的歷史觀,來讀《眾神爭奪的國度 —— 走過以色列、巴勒斯坦的戰爭與和平》。



能否想像,你的一個親屬殺人,被判終身監禁,你的房子因此被收歸國有?以色列有一項措施:「誰家出了自殺炸彈客,以色列就拆誰的房子,而且這種報復不止一家,往往是採取『連坐法』株連親族的房舍。」作者說,巴勒斯坦人 L 死於一場自殺攻擊,照片中被毀的正是他家的房舍,滿臉愁容的是他爸爸。「連坐法」的結果是,同區有八棟房舍被炸。





試想想,C 國入侵香港,大部分的香港人被趕離原來居所,被迫遷往位於屯門元朗將軍澳的難民營 —— 鐵絲網包圍的一幢幢中轉房。在難民營的四周,C 國設立高級住宅區,興建豪華別墅,只供 C 國國民居住,守衛森嚴,軍人持槍駐守,香港人與狗不得進入。中轉房沒有自來水,每天香港人要到水井打水,C 國國民卻使用珍貴的食水來灌滿一個個游泳池。這樣還不夠,C 國要進一步分隔尊貴的 C 國國民與低等民族香港人,興建 25 呎高的圍牆,實施種族隔離政策。

每天,住在難民營的香港人要上班的話,要經過檢查哨站。檢查哨位於中環地鐵站 A1 出口,亦是唯一一條通往香港島的通道。成千上萬的香港人就在 A1 出口排隊,等候被檢,往往一等就是兩三個小時,比農曆新年過深圳海關還要痛苦十倍。然而,身邊的 C 國國民一下子就從特別通道通過,你無奈又憤慨。


這樣子的生活,一過 50 多年,一代比一代艱苦,基本的醫療和教育也成問題。中轉房的牆上滿滿是復仇的塗鴉,曾祖父留下的生鏽鑰匙和發黃地契,提醒你曾經有家,在鐵網外、圍牆後的家。久不久,你收到消息,第八座的阿明被士兵亂槍射死,第十二座的陳生一家人神秘失蹤。你不知道,何時到你,何時才能免於恐懼。

終於有一天,聯合國站在香港人的一邊,要求 C 國讓香港人回家。你以為苦難日子要結束了。但一次又一次,C 國懶理聯合國,你照樣是狗一般地生活。C 國有美國撐腰,提供先進軍事裝備,赤手空拳又怎敵他們的坦克?

上述的並非《1984》式政治寓言小說,是現實,血的事實。只不過,我將以色列換成 C 國,巴勒斯坦換成香港。書中有兩段有關自殺式襲擊的話,讀來傷痛:





推介幾本書,有助進一步理解巴勒斯坦人的處境。杭士基(Noam Chomosky)在《9-11》和《流氓國家》中,援引大量的文獻和歷史事例,揭櫫美國本身才是最邪惡的邪惡軸心,直接或間接造成過去幾十年的無數場屠殺和浩劫,惡行包括一手造成今日以巴的困局。《鄉關何處》是薩依德(Edward W. Said)得悉患上絕症後所寫的回憶錄,其中 〈初識悲劇:巴勒斯坦 〉一章很細膩地描述巴勒斯坦的巨變,如何深遠地影響一個 12 歲小孩的成長。《文化與抵抗》結集薩依德在生前最後幾年的訪問,很有力度,思路清晰。

《眾神爭奪的國度 —— 走過以色列、巴勒斯坦的戰爭與和平》是由零開始的上佳選擇。讀完後,我們對複雜的以巴問題所知的依然極少,更遑論能體會巴勒斯坦人的傷痛;但至少,今後我們對事件的認知,不會止於媒體極度簡化和扭曲的論述、喬治布殊的狂言,以及刺激而聳動的爆炸畫面。正如薩依德所言:


I do not call it Israel-Palestine conflict. If a child is fighting an adult, do you call it a conflict?

Bethlehem 伯利恒

From Apple Daily

現 時 伯 利 城 有 的 是 戰 鬥 痕 , 和 涉 及 種 族 宗 教 的 仇 恨 。

日 期 : 2000 年 12 月 25 日

「 在 伯 利 的 野 地 , 有 牧 羊 的 人 , 夜 間 接 更 次 , 看 守 羊 群 ; 有 主 的 使 者 來 到 他 們 旁 邊 , 主 的 榮 光 四 面 照 他 們 … … 」 這 是 新 約 聖 經 對 第 一 個 平 安 夜 的 描 述 。 那 時 的 伯 利 城 是 個 平 和 、 恬 靜 的 山 城 , 沒 有 熙 來 攘 往 的 商 旅 , 也 沒 有 刁 斗 森 嚴 的 堡 壘 、 軍 營 , 有 的 是 小 鎮 的 牧 民 、 簡 樸 的 客 店 。 但 也 正 是 在 這 樣 一 個 小 小 的 山 城 , 誕 下 了 和 平 、 希 望 的 新 象 徵 。

哀 傷 與 痛 心

只 可 惜 , 二 千 年 後 的 平 安 夜 , 伯 利 城 有 的 是 火 箭 炮 襲 擊 的 痕 、 有 的 是 種 族 、 宗 教 的 仇 恨 、 有 的 是 鐵 腕 的 鎮 壓 、 有 的 是 年 輕 人 的 葬 禮。 和 平 與 希 望 彷 彿 都 捨 伯 利 而 去 , 這 實 在 是 令 人 哀 傷 及 痛 心 的 情 況 。 伯 利 從 一 個 寧 靜 的 小 山 城 變 為 槍 火 衝 突 無 日 無 之 的 亂 窩 , 當 然 是 以 色 列 與 巴 勒 斯 坦 人 五 十 年 衝 突的 結 果 。 說 是 以 巴 衝 突 , 不 如 說 是 以 色 列 人 鎮 壓 巴 勒 斯 坦 人 更 符 合 事 實 ; 因 為 在 以 色 列 立 國 時 , 原 來 的 協 議 是 讓 巴 勒 斯 坦 同 時 立 國 的 , 結 果 由 於 以 色 列 人 軍 力 較 強 , 把 原 本 撥 給 巴 勒 斯 坦 人 的 地 方 大 部 分 佔 領 了 , 再 加 上 以 後 歷 次 中 東 戰 爭 都 是 以 色 列 得 利 , 於 是 大 批 的 巴 勒 斯 坦 人 成 為 以 色 列 佔 領 區 的 居 民 , 受 到 種 種 的 限 制 、 壓 迫 。若 果 說 , 猶 太 人 是 二 次 大 戰 時 被 剝 奪 、 被 殘 害 的 民 族 , 那 二 次 大 戰 後 , 巴 勒 斯 坦 人 就 代 替 了 猶 太 人 成 為 被 剝 奪 的 民 族 , 而 剝 奪 他 們 的 則 是 猶 太 人 ! 這 也 是 為 甚 麼 多 年 來 巴 勒 斯 坦 人 不 斷 透 過 「 城 市 游 擊 戰 」 式 的 突 襲 、 自 殺 式 襲 擊 以 至 純 粹 宣 洩 式 的 擲石 暴 亂 , 反 抗 以 色 列 國 特 別 是 以 色 列 軍 隊 的 鎮 壓 。 只 可 惜 強 弱 實 在 太 懸 殊 了 , 巴 勒 斯 坦 人 擲 的 是 石 頭 、 以 色 列 士 兵 發 射 的 卻 是 導 彈 、 火 箭 炮 。 沒 多 久 前 , 電 視 新 聞 上播 出 一 對 巴 勒 斯 坦 父 子 被 包 圍 、 被 射 殺 的 影 片 , 那 位 父 親 無 助 地 央 求 停 止 射 擊 , 希 望 救 回 兒 子 的 性 命 , 結 果 還 是 救 不 了 , 最 後 雙 雙 死 在 以 軍 的 槍 彈 下 。 這 令 人 激 憤 , 傷 痛 的 一 幕 , 相 信 不 少 人 還 有 印 象 , 而 這 樣 的 一 幕 也 充 分 反 映 了 巴 勒 斯 坦 無 助 、 無 援 的 處 境 。

我 們 希 望 , 像 那 樣 的 衝 突 、 那 樣 無 情 的 射 殺 不 要 再 發 生 , 要 做 到 這 一 點 , 關 鍵 在 於 以 色 列 要 拿 出 勇 氣 及 決 心 來 , 承 認 巴 勒 斯 坦 人 自 主 及 立 國 的 權 利 、 容 許 他 們 有 自 主 立 國 的 空 間 ; 否 則 , 不 僅 以 色 列 人 與 巴 勒 斯 坦 人 的 衝 突 不 會 平 息 , 反 而 會 不 斷 升 級 , 令 以 色 列 的 平 民 也 享 受 不 到 和 平 及 正 常 過 生 活 的 權 利 。 我 們 期 望 在 新 一 輪 的 以 巴 和 談 中 , 雙 方 能 真 正 取 得 進 展 , 為 解 決 宿 怨 走 出 實 質 的 一 步 。 只 有 當 以 巴 的 宿 怨 得 到 化 解 , 伯 利 才 可 能 回 復 到 平 和 、 寧 靜 的 面 貌 , 才 可 能 像 每 一個 聖 誕 那 樣 成 為 和 平 與 希 望 的 新 生 地 。

This is year 2012, has anything changed?